Our proposal for crêches and pre-schools starts from this furnishing line which is a simple recall to tradition, essential and useful to teachers who can create effective ludic and educational paths for boys and girls thanks to every single tool.

All the items contained within this proposal are built with great quality materials, with the absolute observance of European normatives about security, non-toxicity and environment protection.

The use of natural wood, the effective design and the fine shades of color give the right mix of tradition and modernity to this system, thus making it absolutely suitable to any kind of educational setting for children.

A Place For Children


three words that create our environment for children, a furnishing line where the main role is played by the child, the true actor of his education.

You can believe that a furniture is a mere useful set of objects that are simply functional to a pre-made and pre-conceived need.

But you can also believe that furnitures are a chance to create experiencing micro-places that can give active stimula to the child.

A Place For Children proposes flexible and multi-capable tools, interesting and appealing, that can suggest actions and activities; furnishings that lead the child to a new and greater self-knowledge of his relationship with the others and the world through discovery and wonder.

A Place For Children interprets simplicity as a solution to complexity; simplicity and essentiality have the maximum richness. The plurality of usage of the essential elements leads to composition, to constructional activity, to the constant transition from thought to form.