Our furnishing line for libraries is designed for the modern library, a place that is not only designed to keep and share knowledge but also as a multimedial laboratory where information meets culture, which is seen as a way to socialize and stay together: a new place for communicating, creating culture and feeling like parts of a global community.

Functionality, flexibility, ease of use when it comes to assembly and disassembly ac- cessories and shelves, interchangeability of components and the ability to rearrange spaces according to the newly changed needs of the library.

A modern, elegant, essential yet informal and simple design, not the typical design of a mere, dusty storage for books that is so common among many libraries.

The quality of furnishings affects greatly the reader’s perception of a library. In that vein materials are fundamental: characteristics, colors, surfaces make the basis for the sensorial experience of interiors and deeply affect the sensitivity of people who are there.