Outdoor Games

Our ludic systems were primarily designed to be made of 100% recyclable materials; we did it by using only 4 materials, namely aluminium, polyethylene, steel and stainless steel.

This choice, just a few but robust materials, should be regarded as an economical benefit for the customer.

Our games last because we use such materials, a condition that other solutions cannot guarantee.

Children are our heroes and their joyful attitude is protected by an actual and forward-looking choice that emphasizes the security of our games.

Outdoor Fitness Sets

The promotion of fitness among people is relevant. A regular exercise can reduce the risks related to sedentary life and increase life expectancy by limiting the onset of degenerative and chronic diseases. People of every age, even over 65 years-old, get substantial benefits from the regular practice of fitness and such benefits have long-term effects.

Our project offers several advantages both in terms of fitness and urban furnishing: its implementation involves parks, gardens, beaches and other areas by mixing up two fundamental aspects of an healthy life, namely fitness and outdoor exercise.

In the next future there will be the need to make open spaces suitable to the specific needs of their final users. This will raise the absolute value of every structure, either city parks or private campings or even beaches.

The inner value of a territory lies in the quality of services it provides.