We are design-oriented. Our flexibility and the power of our productive sites allow us to get the right approach to the various topics that may arise from the relationship with public and private customers.

Communitarian projects such as structures for old people, for young and adults with social problems, student houses for universities, polyfunctional centres, recreational centres for young and old people, in every kind of project designed for the community we can play a primary role in the design and production stages.

Our technical and commercial organization make us reliable and effective partners even for the many contracts tightly coupled with the surrounding social environment.

Special Projects

Always using the main features of our system, both from the design and production points of view, we have implemented custom solutions with passion and talent: specific furnishing systems tailored to the features of a project that may be educational, didactic, cultural or multifunctional.

Our daily relationships with important design agencies both in Italy and abroad lead us to yield a great sensitivity towards the topic of “listening” , thus creating the most suitable solutions by respecting the preliminary features of a project and its security implications.